Artist Statement

"Karen Lee Sobol’s work is an alarmingly beautiful cautionary tale.  She interprets climate science to inspire a sense of connection and stewardship for us all."

—Childs Gallery





“Life is a beautiful place.” This vision motivates me and offers emotional and spiritual support in an increasingly teetering world.

Five decades of meditation and swimming drive the rhythms and energies that power my brushstrokes.  I am a physical, intuitive painter.  I love learning what others see and feel when experiencing my paintings. 

I interpret global environmental health and honor life.  I aim to connect with people in a visual, visceral way and motivate stewardship for all living things.  Recent series depict the escalating cascade of environmental refugees and impending challenges to our biosphere.  Always there is light and hope.

Artist Biography

Artist, author, architect, and advocate, Karen Lee Sobol explores our spiritual and physical realms. In many media, her art celebrates nature and human nature. Her memoir—Twelve Weeks: An Artist's Story of Cancer, Healing, and Hope—helps save lives around the world. She illustrates her journey with her art.

An alumna of Harvard College and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Sobol has exhibited at both. National venues including Boston, Miami, and Wyoming have featured her work. Abroad, her mixed media paintings and installations have intrigued viewers in London, Amsterdam, Cracow, and Tblisi.

An affiliated artist with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Sobol engages in the worlds of global health and environmental science. Her service includes the New England Aquarium, Save Venice/Boston Chapter, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Harvard’s Center for Health and the Global Environment.  She is a founding member of Pleiades Network.

Karen Lee Sobol's work can be viewed and collected via Childs Gallery.